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What's Your Favourite Electronic Gadget And Why Do You Like It?

Electronic gadgets are becoming more popular as each day passes and new products are being launched on almost a daily basis.

Anybody that is born in the 21st century would find it hard to live a comfortable life without one or two electronic gadgets.

And if you happen to be the old fashioned type, some of your friends will lambast you into buying some after visiting your home. And let's be honest here - most of us cannot withstand peer pressure.

Modern technological advancement has birthed so many electronic gadgets and devices, that the average consumer might have a hard time deciding what to buy and what not to buy. 

Such Hi-Tech devices include:

• Televisions

• DVD Players

• Radios

• Air conditioners

• Refrigerators

• Personal Computers

• Rechargable Batteries

• Solar panels

• Inverters

• Rechargable Lanterns

• Microwave Ovens

• Gas Cookers

• Pressing Irons

• Cable Decoders

• Wi-Fi Routers

• Hair Dryers

• Clippers

• Watches

• Power Banks

• Gaming Consoles

• Smartphones

• Bluetooth Speakers

• Headphones

• Camcorders

• Printers

• Scanners

• Projectors

• Towel Warmers

• Blenders

• Fans

• Clocks

• Earphones

• Washing Machines

• Vacuum Cleaners

• MP3 Players

• Microphones

• Generating Sets

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We have examined the most popular tech gadgets that people find useful in the 21st century.

My favourite tech gadget from this long list are smartphones.

My reasons for preferring a smartphone to the other competing gadgets are:

1. Smartphones are quite portable and do not burden me.

2. Smartphones help me to keep in touch with friends, family and acquaintances wherever I may be.

3. Smartphones enable me to work smart both online and offline. For example, I can write an article or a book on my smartphone. Two of my books published on Amazon Kindle were written on my smartphone too.

4. Smartphones save me time and money. Before the advent of smartphones and gsm networks, people use to transport themselves to NITEL office at Ama JK post office just to queue up in the line and wait for their turn to make calls.

What about the time and money wasted in cyber cafes? Smartphones have made that history.

5. Smartphones give me a level of privacy. And that is a basic human right.

6. Smartphones enable me to exercise my right to freedom of speech. Talk of tweets, Facebook posts, comments, YouTube videos, blogs and even Opera News Hub. We have many reasons to be thankful to God for smartphones.

7. Smartphones help me in my search for a life partner. I can't even count the number of dating websites that I have a profile on.

Let's face it - smartphones have enabled many people to find love online and even marriages have resulted from such online relationships.

8. Smartphones help me to make money online. I have earned some reasonable amount of money through cryptocurrencies and blogging all because I had a smartphone.

9. Smartphones help me to learn new things and keep me informed about events in Nigeria and the whole world. It was actually through my smartphone that I learnt the basics of web design, domain names and web hosting.

Now that you know my reasons for choosing smartphones as my favourite electronic gadget, tell me your favourite electronic gadget and your reasons for choosing it. 

You must choose only one from the list or outside the list. 

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