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3 method hackers use to steal money from your bank account.

Nowadays lots of people are falling into the hands of hackers getting scammed and stealing alot of money from your account just with some simple method so i am going to show you how hackers hack into your account.

1. Mobile Banking Trojans

These days, you can manage all of your finances from your smartphone. Usually, a bank will supply an official app from which you can log in and check your account. While convenient, this has become a key attack vector for malware authors.

Fake Apps

The simpler means of attack is by spoofing an existing banking app. A malware author creates a perfect replica of a bank’s app and uploads it to shady third-party sites. Once you’ve downloaded the bad app, you enter your username and password into it, which is then sent to the hacker.

App Hijacking

The sneakier version of this is the mobile banking Trojan. These aren’t disguised as a bank’s official app; they’re usually a completely unrelated app with a Trojan installed within. When you install this app, the Trojan begins to scan your phone for banking apps.

When it detects a banking app being launched, the malware quickly puts up a window that looks identical to the app you just booted up. If this is done smoothly enough, the user won’t notice the swap and will enter their details into the fake login page. These details are then uploaded to the malware author.

Typically, these Trojans also need an SMS verification code to complete the hack. To do this, they’ll often ask for SMS read privileges during install, so they can steal the codes as they come in.

How to Defend Yourself

When downloading apps from the app store, keep an eye on the amount of downloads it has. If it has a very low amount of downloads and little to no reviews, it’s too early to call if it has malware or not.

This goes double if you see an “official app” for a very popular bank with a small download count—it’s likely an imposter

Likewise, be careful with what permissions you give apps. If a mobile game asks you for SMS read permissions with no explanation as to why it wants them, stay safe and don’t allow the app to install. Never install apps from third-party sites, as they’re more likely to contain malware.

2. Fake Sites

Lots of hackers nowadays uses site to hack people's account, cause they are lots of people who do online payment either for shopping online, for paying a subscription, or registring for a site e.t.c. Hackers use this method to hack lots of people account by creating a website either to earn money online sites where you pay a registration fee e.t.c. They use a system in which you use your card details to do the online payment then they save this details with them in which they can use to hack amd take money from your account without you knowing that is why we should always be safe when paying for a random site.

How to defend yourself

Now know that when making an online payment for any site you haven't done transaction on before make sure to check the site payment gateway online check if this is a safe gateway for transaction so as to be safe and also make sure to review on any site you want to make payment for.

2. Phishing

As the public becomes savvy toward phishing tactics, hackers have escalated their efforts to trick people into clicking their links. One of their nastiest tricks is hacking the email accounts of solicitors and sending phishing emails from a previously-trusted address.

What makes this hack so devastating is how hard it would be to spot the scam. The email address would be legitimate, and the hacker could even to talk to you on a first-name basis. This was how a man lost £76,000 yo hackers by using this method.

How to Defend Yourself

Obviously, if an email address looks suspicious, treat its contents with a healthy dose of skepticism. If the address looks legitimate but something “seems off,” see if you can validate the email with the person sending it—preferably not over email, in case the hackers have compromised the account!

Hackers can also use phishing, among other methods, to steal your identity on social media .

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Content created and supplied by: Emmanueljons (via Opera News )



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