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Do these if you want your battery to last longer (Opinion)

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It is quite frustrating to have your device off, especially when you still have pending activities you had wished to perform with it. As smart phone is equipped with a smarter processor, and offers much more powerful functions, it consumes more battery when compared with a feature phone.

However, there are a couple of smart tricks one can perform to help your phone battery last for longer periods. They will be addressed below:

When you start noticing that your phone is draining much battery power, you may choose to reduce the brightness level of your phone. This is because the brighter your phone home screen or background, the more battery power your phone consumes. This is according to a study of 2 different phones that were of same brands. The one which had its brightness level higher than the other had significantly lost more than 25% battery power in less than 2 hours!

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It may also interest you to know that turning off your mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and Hotspot connection, helps you to save up to 25% of battery power in 2 hours or more

Limit the time you spend on gaming apps as they are apps of high quality graphics and may consume more power than other applications which you may have installed in your mobile device.

Do not always charge your phone battery incessantly; wait till you have a low battery, say, 15% of battery power left, before you connect your phone charger to a power source for charging your phone. This helps preserve the stipulated battery life from the factory. Also, while your phone is "charging", try not to use it until it is fully charged; then unplug your charger. Do this to enhance your battery longevity.

If you follow these smart, yet very simple suggestions you will notice that your phone battery may begin to last longer than usual.

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