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Million Dollars Lost, As Bill gate, Kanye West and Other Billionaires Account Hacked.

A cyber attack is an assault launched by cybercriminals using one or more computers against a single or multiple computers or networks.

A cyber attack can maliciously disable computers, steal data, or use a breached computer as a launch point for other attacks.

There have been serious head to head Drill concerning, Data Security, Crime and Terrorism, Complexity, Privacy Concerns.

Social Disconnect, Work Overload.

Digital Media Manipulation and Job Insecurity.

The Rescent attack was targeted at underlisted world most influenced personnel’s Twitter account. Which has resulted into lost of funds of followers, fanz etc.

Bill Gate: The micro soft Founder Twitter Account was use to penetrate malacious mail link into victims data which was used ti recoup bank details converted into coins.

N:B attached screenshot.

Promising to give back to community tagged 'give away'.

Elon musk: The Facebook, WhatsApp, google and Youtube owner twitter account also promise the same 'given back to community.

Barrack Obama: The former President of the United state of America was not left out as the same malacious link was used to recoup victim details.

N:B screenshot.

Apple: Apple been one of the biggest and best all time tech accessories seller. Was not left out.

The cyber crime activities also involve some top world musicians like Kaye west, Tyger etc.

After investigation, There are also traces of some one the world leader targeted account which include Joe Biden and others.

N:B screenshot of affected Twitter Account.

Twitter already embark on recovering the account and prosecute any linked offender with the attack.

According to DW news, All application used For the attack and the Developer are subject to face wrath of the Law.

In conclusion as the world is moving fast in technology and other innovation to make the world better or worst with the introduction likes of 5G installed in your locals.

Great question bothering millions of minds Are Numerous. Are all newly introduce technology launched to expose users?.

Share your views.

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