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How to know if you're buying a stolen phone.

Robbers usually steals mobile phone because it could be very easy to handpick without the owner noticing. Mobile phones is a telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area without any physical connection to a network.

Buying a used mobile phone is incredibly easy to obtain, but you have to be careful when buying a used phone because it might have been stolen and using a stolen mobile phone is illegal.

Here are quick tips you can use to know if you are using or buying a stolen phone,

1.  The phone lock feature.

There are technologies in places that allows users to determine if a phone is stolen or not. For example, an apple product (IPhone) you can go the activation lock page on Icloud and enter the IMEI or serial number which will give you a real idea of the status of the phone.

2.   Stolenphonechecker website

The CTIA- cellular telecommunication industry association is an online stolen phone checker to help red flag a stolen mobile phone.

Using this tips you might be able to know if you are dealing with a criminal trying to sell stolen phone to you.

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Icloud Stolenphonechecker


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