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If you're truly a Nigerian, then you probably would have done any or all of these five things.

From all parts of Africa to Europe, Asia and the Americas, Nigeria is known for so many things. Population and oil being the most common things, Nigeria is one popular country that will always be known for its qualities – whether good or bad. To Nigerians both in and out the country, Nigeria is where life is and it is what has shaped them into what they have become. There are so many common things that Nigerians do which has become a daily habit for the Nigerian society. If you a Nigerian reading this post and you have not done these five things, then you are not a full-fledged Nigerian.

If you are really Nigerian, then you must have

Spent more than four hours on traffic in one day

This one is most likely for Lagosians. The horrible traffic jams in Lagos with the terrible noise and air pollution has made life hard for so many workers especially those that live in Ikorodu and work in Yaba. The traffic experienced every morning and evening on Mondays especially on the constantly used Ikorodu road is really stressful as one could get caught-up in it for more than 2-3 hrs. Improvements have been made to help commuters but to no avail. Howbeit, Lagosians have added ‘Traffic congestion’ to their daily lives and though we hope for improvements, it is one thing that cannot easily be removed.

Taken garri as a drink or as swallow

Garri is probably the most popular food in Nigeria. It is served in many local restaurants as a swallow with soup varieties with egusi being the most used. Many people also take it as a drink with milk, sugar and groundnuts or just sugar. Students in campuses also see it as the quickest and most available food and therefore go for it instead of having to make a proper meal. Despite the concerns that garri affects eyesight and contains cyanide, it is still largely taken all over the country.

Jumped into a moving bus to get to where you are going

Well, for those who have had a sweet ride in their daddy’s car all the days of their life, then you probably haven’t experienced this. However, many of the ‘real Nigerians’ must have jumped into not less than ten buses in their life-time. Struggling to get everything is the norm in many Nigerian societies. If you cannot chase a bus and enter, if you cannot price something in the market, if you cannot leave your house at four in the morning and come back at twelve o’clock at night then you would be seen as a lazy person who cannot make it life. Struggling and hustling has become part of Nigerians that you would feel so lost if you not struggled in life. Though, this mentality has been forced into us by the society we currently live in, with time things would be better.

Eaten Suya

Suya is more like barbecue except that is prepared in a less appetizing and a ‘not so decent’ environment. Suya is a delicacy eaten by northerners who later brought it to the south where it has become really popular. It is not unusual for you to see a man coming to a stand either around 5pm or later to unpack loads of meat to be roasted on his local grill. The reason for their coming at a later time of the day is still unknown but all the same, we have continued to enjoy the wonderful taste of suya and its meaty goodness

At some point hated the country

Nigeria, has been struggling to feed its giant population and also make sure those at the top are paid well. However, they have not been very successful as the rich only get richer and the poor only gets poorer. Many graduates and first class students cannot get employed as the number of job openings in the country is far less than the number of graduates that it produces. This has led to so many wishing to leave the country and going to other countries where they can do something tangible with their lives. All the same no matter how hard you try to hate Naija and even if you leave, you would always surely love to come back because YOU ARE NIGERIAN.

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