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The Lagos Traffic Experience

I haven't been to Lagos before but I have heard and watched in movies how congested it is and the traffic therein.

If you have been to a place that has traffic congestion there's one thing that is common in such places.

Aside from the heat, tension, misunderstandings, there are hawkers who move from one car to the other trying to see if they could make sales.

These hawkers will come towards a noticeable direction of the car; either the window or close to the door and begin to flaunt their products, some will even vocally advertise their products and if no one utters a word or pays attention to it they will stay for a while and go to the next person.

But once you pay attention or call on the one that sells pure water, the rest will all of a sudden rush towards the car saying “Oga, madam, buy biscuits, Ice cream, egg, groundnut and so on.

The reason why the others came was because you paid attention to one of them and by so doing you have automatically attracted the others.

The above illustration can be likened to our day to day activities, gossips, rumours, hatred and bad energy keep hovering around us and unless you pay attention to it, it won't stay for long since it seemingly has no place. But once you give a little attention to any of such things, the rest begin to find the way to your life.

The moment you pay little attention to jealousy, you have automatically sent an invitation and also created room for hatred, envy, bitterness and so many others. Oftentimes some of us complain about being gossiped at. Such things come into play the moment you pay little attention to a simple gossip, all of a sudden you will want to hear more and with time you will end up being a gossip yourself.

The moment you pay attention to a little thought of lust that pop's Through your mind, it behind to settle therein and generates alot of illusions and unrealistic fantasies

Sometimes the people that end up in habitual masturbation started with paying just little attention to a pornography movie and it grew to a stage of self servicing because the quest for such pleasure is seemingly insatiable.

Be mindful of the things you pay attention to. What you pay attention to has a way of either building or destroying you.

Musa Affos (Rhapsodi) is a blogger & Social Media Activist




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