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Apostle Ayodele Babalola Mysterious Flight From Osogbo To Lagos

Late Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola is one of the greatest men of God that ever tread the face of the earth. Though he died several years ago, he is still reverred by many in the religion cycle because of his unequal feat. This is why many people of different denimonations still pray with his name till today. Whenever they pray they add Olorun Joseph Ayo Babalola. That is how. This is one of the things that got us curious in City People about the Life and Times of this great man of God this is He is the founder of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC).

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23 years after the great Oke Oye revival that announced him to the world, his main means of transportation was bicycle. But the Lord was faithful to him and even allowed him to travel on the wings of the wind like men of old.

There were several instances where the Spirit of the Lord miraculously transported Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola from one place to the other. However, I will share two of those instances here as beautifully narrated by Rev. M. O. Idowu, a Pentecostal historian:


“The most incredible and difficult to believe in the Babalola’s story were his miraculous or mysterious journeys. How he made certain journeys that defied logic, natural laws and common sense. How he made some journeys and travels were sometimes so mysterious and unusual that were there not available. A host of infallible proofs and eyewitness accounts of men of integrity and character that clearly affirm their authenticity, one would be excused for considering them unreasonable, illogical and simply impossible.

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A particular case in point that is well known to many of the leaders of Christ Apostolic Church of those days and even church members was his miraculous travel from Oshogbo to Lagos. It happened that they were on their way to Lagos for a speaking engagement in his car with his driver, Elder Ogunbona (now late). Somewhere around Oshogbo or shortly after it, the vehicle developed a fault and they had to stop.


The driver tried to unravel the problem with the car and to rectify it. While the driver worked on the car; the apostle carried his Bible and told the driver to meet him in the way after repair as he began to go on foot. In those days there were not many vehicles, so in one hour a vehicle might not pass. Before long the driver rectified the problem and started on the way to catch his boss. He noticed too that no vehicle had passed while he worked on the vehicle that might have given the apostle a free ride to Lagos. But to his amazement and surprise, he never could see Babalola on the way. Tried as much as he could to increase his speed; he could not see the apostle in sight. He got to Ibadan, he was not there. Until he finally got to Lagos and to the venue of the meeting where he saw his boss preaching.


There was another case like the one above.The apostle and the leaders of CAC, Medaiyese, Odutola and A.O Omotosho; conducted a pastoral visit one day to a town very near Efon Alaaye in Ekiti. The name of this town is Iwaji and in the olden days; there was only one footpath from this town, very near to Efon, and no other route.

After the assignment and they were about returning, the people still held to the apostle for one thing or the other. Since it was not his habit to drive people away from his sight or refuse to pray for anyone needing his attention, he continued with them. On seeing this, the three other pastors decided to leave with the people thinking that by so doing the people would release him. These three men had been trekking for more than 30 minutes and covered several hundreds of metres and were already looking at Efon from the hills before they decided to wait for the apostle.


 As they were waiting, one of them looked in front at the foot of the hill and saw Babalola already in front. He told his other partners that it appears he saw someone that look like Oga, as he was popularly called, but the remaining two disagreed that it could not have been him since they left him behind at Iwaji and had trekked for almost 30 minutes; that there was no way he could have bypassed them to now be in front. “Which way would he have passed?” they asked.


 When Babalola heard the controversy then he actually stopped and waited for them that he was indeed the person. The three persons could not believe their eyes that indeed Babalola had arrived there before them. From then on till they arrived home they did not say a word to him or to each other because they were scared.”

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