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Check Out These Amazing Photos That Show How Beautiful The City Of Dubai Is

It can be said that Dubai which is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is arguably one of the most popular cities in the globe. The City has become popular because of beautiful lifestyle and which has seen it become the preferred choice of businessmen and women and those going on vacation. In today's article, I have put together some eye_catching photos from around the city of Dubai for many to see how exquisite and lovely the city is.

1. The Palm Jumeirah

This is an island that is made to take the shape of a palm tree. The Palm Jumeirah is popular because it is a home to showy hotels and first-class apartment towers. The island is also known for its fun filled nightlife, Beach clubs and limitless pools.

2. Burj Khalifa

Without doubt, this is the most popular place in Dubai as it is known as a tourists attraction. Burj Khalifa which is made up of over 160 floors holds multiple records which includes: tallest building in the world, the highest number of stories in the world, tallest free-standing structure in the world, tallest elevator service in the world, etc.

3. Burj al Arab

The ship-like shape is also one of the most popular structures in Dubai. It can be found on the man-made island and also known as one of the tallest buildings in the world. The name Burj al Arab means Tower of the Arabs and is a hotel that is managed by the Jumeirah group.

4. The Dubai Metro

This is a fast transit railway network across the city of Dubai. It is designated to provide fast movement within the city. The Dubai subway is divided into red and green lines and is regarded as one of the most advanced subway in the world.

5.The Dubai Shopping Mall.

This is without doubt one of the most common places in Dubai. Many at times we hear people say they went shopping in the United Arab Emirates city. Most of that shopping took place in this flashy mall. The Dubai mall is regarded as the largest shopping mall in the world.

6. Dubai Marina

This is a residential area for the super-rich and wealthy people in the city of Dubai. The area is also known to have Beach, cessation complex, Dubai Marina Walk, sandy stretches and Dubai Marina Mall.

Asides the aforementioned places, there are other exquisite photos that shows how beautiful the city of Dubai is.

Check out photos.

Do you for_see this places in Africa mostly especially in Nigeria?

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