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If You Are Visiting Lagos For The 1st Time, These 7 Incidents Will Leave You With An Unforgettable Experience

If you are visiting Lagos for the first time, one basic question you cannot shy away from asking your host is how he or she is coping with the situation of the city. The truth of the matter is that, if you have never lived in Lagos before, there is possibility you will avoid every reason that can make you live there after your first visit.

For those who are Lagos residents, it is these activities that keep them thriving and make other places difficult for them to live. Whichever ways you argue it from, Lagos is one of the cities in Nigeria with the highest number of high profile and elitist residents who simply devise special ways to adapt to the situation. 

For these class of people, there is no place like Lagos. But for those who are visiting for the first time, these daily occurrences that make the state unique might end up constituting mixed experiences for them that can never be forgotten in a hurry. Listed below are some of the things that can make your visit to Lagos a memorable one.

1. The first thing you can never avoid when you are visiting Lagos is the vehicular traffic. Either day or night, traffic is a characteristic trademark of the centre of excellence. As a matter of fact, any day there is no traffic in Lagos will call for a serious concern. It could either be a road block towards the end of the road or riot has just happened in the vicinity.

And if you are lucky enough to visit at the time churches like RCCG and Winners chapels are having their Holy Ghost Congress or Shiloh, your experience will further take a better shape with Lagos traffic. It is a norm that has come to be part of life in the state.

2. The second thing you will experience as a visitor to Lagos is the all night activities. For someone who is coming from civil servants states where closing time is 4pm and by 8pm, everyone is already on the bed, resting for the day, it will be difficult to survive a place like Lagos where life for the day had literally just begun by 12midnight.

There are several places in Lagos you can never differentiate between day and night. There is no anytime you hit the road and you will not see vehicles or people on the road. This kind of experience will definitely be stranged to people visiting for the first time.

3. The third unforgettable experience associated with Lagos environment is the area boys drama. Although, there is no any state in Nigeria without area boys but Lagos appears to be their headquarters. 

Everything about them is in excess. Their intimidating look, the way they roar like a wounded lion and their charges at motorists make them a unique set of people. They are at every garage and bus stop across the state. 

They are always abusive and battle ready but with an empty threat. When they issue a threat, you would think they are bringing down the heaven but when it's time for action, they take a retreat. That is the signature of area boys in Lagos. For those who are coming across them for the first time, it will really be a big deal for them.

4. Another thing that make an unforgettable experience in Lagos is the endless rift between Lastma officials and motorists. These two people are like light and darkness. They are always at a loggerhead with each other.

The Lastma officials are always ready to arrest the erring motorists while the later believe they are always right and see Lastma as agents of the devil. On several occasions, Lagos drivers have engaged this officers in a public showdown without minding the implication. This is always the situation of things in Lagos that make it an interesting place to live.

5. Similarly, the endless bdrama between bus conductors and passengers will make your experience a memorable one in Lagos. The only way you can avoid this scenario is to remain in your house or drive your own car to wherever you want to go.

So long you are boarding a public transport, you can't shy away from this experience. It is either the conductor is threatening to drag you out of the bus if you don't have a loose money to pay or the bus suddenly stops midway and driver refused to proceed on the trip, asking the conductor to return your balance or put you in another available bus.

And if you are to retrieve your balance from him, the conductor will have to join you with another passenger to go and settle yourself. 

6. Another thing you will experience is the busy couple who hardly have time for their children at home. For these kind of couple, it is their career and money first before any other thing. In most cases, their children are always at the mercy of their housemaids.

By the time they get home from work, the children are deeply asleep and by the time they wake up in the morning, the parents have gone. Although, everything the children need are always made available but there is no time for parental attention. If you are lucky to visit these kind of couple in Lagos, you will find their lifestyle very strange. But that is the reality of life, if you want to survive the financial pressure.

7. The seventh thing that usually happen in Lagos is the act of close neighbors living like strangers. Some people don't know their close door neighbors despite staying in the same building for several months.

In Lagos, everyone minds his or her business unlike other places where neighbors are like brothers and sisters. You can leave your children with your neighbors without being worried. if your neighbor cooks in his or her apartment, you are sure of your own portion of the food without prior notice. This can't happen in Lagos. Neighbors live like strangers and if you are not used to that lifestyle, it will make a big shoker to you.

If you want to reside in Lagos, these are experiences you must be ready to embrace. 

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