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Is It Magic Or What? This House In Germany Sings Whenever It Starts Raining

Can you believe that there is a building in Germany that makes music or sings whenever it is raining? What makes this house do this and how does it do it? Read on to find out.

This building is part of a complex which is called the Neustadt Kunsthofpassage ( which means literally ‘Art Courtyards’). It is comprised of a set of five courtyards which each have a different theme. There’s the courtyard of light and the courtyard of animals, and the courtyard of music.

This masterpiece of a building was designed by three famous sculptors, Annette Paul and designers Christoph Roßner and André Tempel. The three sculptors who designed the building all live in it. 

One of the designers of the house named Annette, says she was inspired to create/design the building during her stay in Petersburg, Russia, where rain made music on her window panes whenever it started raining. This led her and her fellow tenants to design the singing building, with a network of pipes, funnels and spouts and optimal acoustics to amplify the musical sounds made by the rain.

The idea of the singing building was also inspired by the Rube Goldberg Machine. 

How does this building produce its melody?

 Like noted before, the building consists of funnels and pipes. Whenever it rains, the funnels and pipes catch the rain as it falls, and as the rain flows through the pipes and funnels, it create a melodious sound. It is more like s trumpet. A trumpet makes melody when air particles vibrated the mouthpiece. The sound is then amplified by the body and bell of the trumpet ( the lengthy pipe and flared out end).

The house was built in 1999. Since then, it has been attracting a large number of tourists from all over the country, Germany, and perhaps from other parts of Europe and the world.

The house is a reflection of how creative the human mind can get when it becomes inspired.

What do you think about this masterpiece of a building? Would you like to visit it? Drop your comments below.

Click here to watch a video of the house in action.

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