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Check Out Some Pictures of Owerre Ezukala Cave, The Hidden Mysterious Cave in Anambra State.

Anambra State has two major caves. Ogbunike Cave and Owerre Ezukala Cave. Ogbunike Cave is in a town known as Ogbunike, while Owerre Ezukala Cave is in a town in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State Nigeria. This town is called Owerre Ezukala.

Not much is being said about Owerre Ezukala Cave but I have we some information which I want to share with you today about the cave. Before we continue, check out some pictures of Owerre Ezukala Cave below.

This entrance, leads to the cave and waterfall. The man you see in the picture below are Tourist Guide.

Just like Ogbunike Cave, Owerre Ezukala Cave also has about four hundred steps that lead to the main entrance of the cave.

This is the main entrance of the cave. No one is allowed to exit through the entrance. You are allowed to go in through the entrance only.

Here is the exit of the cave. You are to go in through this entrance and exit through here.

The waterfall

This cave is also known as Ogbaukwu Cave. It is one of the biggest caves in Nigeria. According to the Tourist Guide, this cave is known as the ' home of gods'. They claimed gods live in the cave.

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