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Ladies! Check out 5 Places Where You Can Meet a RICH Boyfriend in LAGOS.

If you have always wondered how others seem to meet a rich chap while what you see mostly around you are broke guys.

It is either you are doing something wrong or probably searching in the wrong place.

Here are 5 amazing places where you can meet a rich partner.

1. Murtala Muhammed Airport: One of the most common places, where the rich are gathered is the airport.

It is the best place to look if you are searching for a rich bobo. Everyone is aware of the fact that it is only wealthy and well-to-do that takes flight while others take buses for their transportation. 

You may want to save to book a flight next time you want to travel. Who knows you might be in luck to meet him.

2. Shopping Mall: This has proven to be the easiest and many ladies have benefited from this. Ladies meeting their heartthrobs in Mall isn't strange to the ear. 

Stop sitting at home all day. Go out with friends and shop. Find out about expensive malls around you and visit frequently.

Still lost in thought on the shopping mall to visit, try Cafe Verginato at the palms or Ikeja City Mall for a start.

3. Wedding Receptions: There have been many success stories of marriages in which both partners met at a wedding reception.

If you are in Lagos, try to attend weddings that take place on Island and other expensive venues. 

Mix with people who always have one wedding to attend or the other. If you are the daring type, you may get to find a rich boo at one of those weddings.

4. Lagos Big Churches: This is for the sisters who can't do without attending a church.

Don't just attend any church. Be intentional about it. Find out about big churches around your environment. Register there and start attending one. 

A good church is a notable place to get the man of your dreams. Here are some notable churches where you can get a rich boyfriend in Lagos. E.g Redeem Christian Church of God, COZA, House on the Rock.

5. Estates in Lekki: For someone to be living in one of the estates in lekki, he is definitely rich. If you have a friend in Lekki, now, is the time to visit them.

Allow them to take you all around the estate when you visit. Who knows, you may come across your future husband while strolling around.

If you are looking for a rich boyfriend, remember you need to attract it also. The way you dress also matters and other physical outlooks. It doesn't have to be expensive, something decent, gorgeous, and affordable is okay. Best of luck in your search!

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