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Easter: All Those Travelling This Period Should Take Note Of This Information

Oh yeah! I could feel and sense the good tidings associated with the Easter Season. Easter, a moments of joy and laughter, a moment to celebrate the victory of life over death. The Easter celebration often starts with tridium, which is Holy Thursday, Good Friday which is today and Holy Saturday.

I'm sure many people are already booking tickets to travel, many are already at the abbatoir trying the get the chicken they would do justice to on Easter day.

As funny as it may sound, that's what's happening right now.

To all those travelling during this period, I urged you all to be very vigilant, the days are evil, be cautious of whom you discuss with in the vehicle you are boarding. Please avoid boarding a bus on the roadside, go to the nearest park and board a vehicle to save you from the risk of entering a "one chance" vehicle.

To, everyone out there thinking of spending big this Easter, please don't do more than your power. Don't try to overspend and put yourself in unnecessary debts simply because you want to impress your pairs or neighbor. Jesus is the reason for the season, not your neighbor or pairs.

If you are in a place, and you noticed a strange movement, do yourself good by living that place, "Na see finish, make Johnbull fall inside gutter". Never you get carried away by what's happening around you, be vigilant and always know when are where to withdraw before you buy market for yourself.

Also don't forget the Covid-19 safety protocol even when traveling, ensure you wear your nose masks because prevention they say is better than cure. Many still believed in the saying, "Covid-19 no dey Nigeria", some people have already dubbed it as glorified malaria, thread carefully my friend.

Last but not the least, when you are travelling, don't be among the "Driver, ka sa wuta" type of passengers. Passengers who motivate drivers to overspeed, some would even query the driver that he is too slow. The road isn't a place for fast and furious, or formula one.

You are travelling to see your people, you need to caution your driver when he is overspeeding and not hailing him, as the man of the people whenever he makes one crazy overtaking. My brother life no get duplicate, the slow and steady wins the race. It's not about how fast but how well.

PACKET TRACER on this note, pens down a Happy Easter in advance wishes to you out there, may no evil befall you all. If you must shed tears this period, may it be a tears of joy.

Note: Photos Used In This Article Were Solely For Illustration Purpose

Safe journey to all the travellers, may God level all mountains and fill all valleys for you guys.

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