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Stop calling it "Port motor" or "traveling bag". This is the real name

Have you ever wondered if you have been calling the name of a particular item wrongly all these years?

This might actually be true and applicable to almost everyone. Traveller's and migrants make use of big bags to carry their clothes and wares. This bag is usually regarded as Port motor. And to some people, they just referred to it as big traveling bag.

The real name is similar to what we use to call it though. The name is coined from the blending of two different words. It is "Portmanteau". It is formed from two French words such as Porter (to carry) and manteau (cloak). It is pronounced as "port-man-tu".

The Oxford English dictionary defines Portmanteau as shown below.

Various pictorial examples of Portmanteau are given below.

So therefore help someone know what this is called.

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French Oxford English Porter Portmanteau


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