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The history behind the famous Nigeria jollof rice, how it came about (fiction)

In the year 1808, A man named Albright Eindhoven who was a nutritionist, and a human right activist discovered the jollof rice, that we love eating today. He discovered the wonderful recipe in his kitchen, that he normally referred to as his stomach lab. According to Albright he has been researching for the jollof rice recipe for years. His best friend named Thompson Eugene, who was a scientist played a huge part in his discovery, as he was the one who introduced the final flavouring ingredients known as Curry.

On the first of October in the year 1809, Albright introduced his discovery at a Metropolitan Museum for Arts, that is located in the city of New York and millions of people where present in the event. When Albright was asked why he decided to introduce such superb delicacy, in a Museum of all places, he replied.

"Cooking is an art and i want my great work to the recorded as an Art."

Oh don't tell me you were already believing this stupid and historical narrative, that is cooked up by me. And that is the problem we are having, let me tell you.

If we don't start writing our Nigeria history by ourselves, our children and unborn generations will end up believing similar nonsensical stories as this one. They will start reading those history textbook, that will be full of these nonsensical stories.

Let us start to write our own stories, ourselves, in our own way. And if possible with our own indigenous language. It is alright to translate to other Foreign language.

What is your opinion about this?

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