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Why The Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport Requires Only skilled Pilots To Land And Take Off.

Airports are one of the most important structures in a country, not only does it connect local businesses to the global market, but it also facilitates tourism and provide the citizens with employment. In this article, I will be bringing to you knowledge why only skilled pilots are allowed to land and take off on the Cristiano Ronaldo International Aiport.

You might have seen a lot of bizarre airport designs ranging from the Kansai international airport built on the ocean in Japan, to the Hamad International Aiport in Qatar, to Paro international airport in Bhutan, etc, but I bet you would be amazed by the engineering wonder behind the Cristiano Ronaldo International Aiport in Portugal and why it requires only skilled pilot to land and take off.

The Airport is located in the civil parish of Santa Cruz a Portuguese region of Madeira, the airport was opened on the 7th of July 1964. It was renamed in 2006 in honor of Madeira native football player Cristiano Ronaldo and it is the fourth busiest airport in Portugal.

Geographically the airport stands as one of the most dangerous airports in the world, which is famous for its short runway surrounded by high mountains, cliffs, and the ocean.

This airport requires a skilled and experienced pilot to land and take for the following reasons.

(1) Extreme Crosswinds: The airport is very close to the ocean, these winds sometimes cause the aircraft to have problems accelerating and decelerating. With such being said, you would agree that pilot with much experience can only maneuver through.

(2)Short Runways: Long runways are very important because it allows the plane to accelerate to a certain speed to generate enough lift and airborne.

(3) Existence Of High mountains and cliffs: The airport is surrounded by very tall mountains that make landing very difficult. Instead of the normal direct landing, pilots are required to fly the plane around the airport, then snaking around in a ~150° turn before lining up on a very short final approach.

With all the above challenges, pilots are required to undergo more training to successfully land.

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