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See these most beautiful architectural buildings in the world.

Our culture today are shaped on what we see and how we view them through our own perspective, Architecture has really helped in reshaping people's way of perspectives and it's really a huge part of the world's evolution. People believe more in what they see than what they hear,this architectural styles not only signify a change in the society but can dictate new ways of thinking.

Modern Architects have found a way to bring beauty and change in the cities which surround us and shape our overview into more advanced and upgraded form.

However many architectural works has drawn a huge interest and attraction and they are worth applauding for, as the masterminds behind these structures deserve some credits and accolades. Below are some of these edifies with the names of their architects above them.

Take a look at these great wonderful edifies.

1: Built by Antoni Gaudí

2: Built by Frank Lloyd Wright

3: Built by Leoh Ming pei

3: Built by Zaha Hadid

4: Built by Oscar Niemeyer

5: Built by Santiago calatrava

5: Built by Philip Johnson

6: Built by Tom wright

7: Built by Ludwig mies van der Rohe

8: Built by Norman Foster

9: Built by Frank Gehry

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Antoni Gaudí Frank Lloyd Wright Leoh Ming pei Oscar Niemeyer Zaha Hadid


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