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TRAVELING BY AIR?, Some Need To Know Hacks For Your Next Long-Haul Flight

Whether or not you have wanderlust in your soul or a business trip coming up, travel can be both a wonderful experience and a total nightmare. Especially when you arrive to the airport and everything that could go wrong, does. Not only is the airport busy but the lines are long, the staff is rude, and the cherry on top, your flight is delayed. Regardless of the nightmare at hand, we gathered some need to know hacks for your next long-haul flight. Ones that will not only save you time, but money. And that can make all the difference.

Bring your own snacks:

Not sure how many times we’ll repeat this sentence but here we go again: airplane food is crazy expensive and sometimes it’s not appealing. We strongly suggest you bring your own snacks, keep the snacks healthy though and opt to even bring homemade food. If possible, bring fruits (apples, oranges, and bananas), nuts, vegetables (carrots, celery, and cucumbers), bars (protein or granola but low in sugar), pretzels, an even peanut butter jelly sandwiches.

Bring your own drinks:

You had to have seen this one coming, if you’re going to bring your own snacks then you should bring your own drinks too. Obviously you’ll need to buy your drinks in the duty-free section but at least you won’t limit yourself to those tiny cups they serve on-board. Try to purchase large bottled water or vitamin water.

Stretch your body before and during your flight:

Here’s the thing, when flying, your body is stuck in the same painful position for hours on end. All of that sitting causes your muscles to tighten so when you do eventually get up, they tighten even more – which is why it’s so uncomfortable to walk after. Plus, all that sitting means your legs are bent for extended periods of time so it’s far more difficult for blood to circulate properly and nourish muscles – therefore you feel more pain and put unnecessary strain on your body. In order to prevent unnecessary pains, do stretches before and during your flight!

The night before your flight, and the morning of, just make sure you properly stretch your legs and back – there are various YouTube videos you can follow (my favorite are the Blogilates videos). While on-board the flight, try and get up and move around every hour. If the “fasten seat-belt” sign is on, then proceed to gently lift one leg up at a time, as if you’re marching in place. Try to do a series of ten lifts per leg.

Unpack as soon as you get to your seat:

Try not to be a nuisance to the travelers sitting near you – how? Take everything out that you’ll need to survive the flight the minute you get to your seat. That includes snacks, books, a sweater, your laptop, headphones, neck pillow, drinks, and so on. Don’t wait a single second, do it all before takeoff.

Wear some comfy but loose clothes:

When you’re on a long-haul flight, it’s hard ~not~ to feel gross and sticky. That’s why you should stick to clothes that are cotton or zip up sweaters. Choose loose pants and definitely avoid tight clothes, like leggings. Yes, really! The looser the clothes are, the better for you.

Bring some multipurpose accessories:

Maybe you think this is a silly tip but really, it’s so simple. Bring items on-board with you that have multipurpose functionalities. That pillow and blanket that’s provided on-board is nothing but a sheet of paper. Opt to bring a big scarf, this way you can fold it and use it as a pillow or a blanket. Plus you should bring along warm socks as it gets chilly on-board.

Do exactly what you’d do at home:

Sleeping on planes is not always the easiest task to complete. However there is a little “trick” you can do to ease the stress. Just follow your usual bedtime routine! Whether it’s brush your teeth, use scrub wash for your face, read a chapter, or write in a journal – whatever it is you do at home to fall asleep is what you should do on-board your flight. Quietly of course. Moreover use the eye mask and ear plugs provided on-board, or bring your own, it’ll keep things dark and quiet around you so that falling asleep should be easier. Lastly, invest in a good neck pillow to avoid neck cricks.

Drink loads of water:

One of the biggest causes of jet lag is dehydration, believe it or not. Therefor in order to avoid fatigue and insomnia, drink a lot of water, tea, or juice. Avoid drinking alcohol as it will merely dehydrate you ever more.

Prepare your own entertainment:

If you haven’t, be sure to download ahead of time. Whether it’s a film, music, a television show, whatever it may be – download it a day or two before your flight. Sometimes the on-flight entertainment is insanely boring and you just want to watch your own stuff. However, that also means that technology isn’t something to always rely on. Your eyes do need a break! That’s why it is wise to bring along a book (not a Kindle but an actual book), some puzzles, a notebook to doodle or journal in, anything that isn’t technology.

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