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Check out 20 and more interesting facts about Nigeria

Hello everybody, 

Nigeria is a very blessed country no doubt. I'll be taking you on many beautiful facts you may not have known about Nigeria. Enjoy the ride. 

1. Nigeria is located in West Africa 

2. It is bordered by Niger Republic in the north, Chad in the northeast, Cameroon in the east and Benin Republic in the west. It also has a coastline along the gulf of Guinea to the south. 

3. It is made up of thirty six states and capitals 

4. The capital city is Abuja 

5. The largest city is Lagos 

6. The most beautiful city is Calabar

7. It is the 17th most populated country in the world. Population of almost 200 million. 

8. It is widely known as the giant of africa due to its large population 

9. It's residents are called nigerians

10. There are over 250 ethnic groups 

11. The major ethnic groups are Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba 

12. Over 500 languages are spoken in Nigeria

13. English language is the official language spoken 

14. French language is the second official language 

15. Nigeria owns the second largest movie industry in the world known as nollywood after India's Bollywood 

16. The name Nigeria comes from the Niger river which runs in the south and west of the country 

17. It is the 32nd largest country at the size of 356 669square miles. 

18. The official currency is Naira 

19. The green colour in the Nigerian flag represents agriculture while the white colour represents peace 

20. Nigeria practices Christianity, Islamic and African traditional religion 

21. It's calling code is +234

22. Nigeria got it's independence in October 1,1960

23. A republic was declared in October 1,1963

24. Nigeria practices the left hand driving 

25. Nigeria's motto is "unity and faith, peace and progress"

26. It practices the presidential system of government 

Are there other facts about Nigeria you know of? 

Kindly drop them in the comment box, like and share too. 

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Thank you 

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