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Richard Browning : The Real Life Russian Flying Man

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About the flying man

Richard Browning is a British inventor and an entrepreneur, He founded Gravity Industries Ltd in March 2017.

Richard Browning first started work on the project in the year 2016. The suit has been likened to the comic character Iron Man. Browning formed his own company, Gravity, and used his personal funds for the development work.

How did he fly

He did not use a kind of magic manipulation to fly rather, he invented a jet suit which he named " Gravity Jet Suit " which he started the creation in the year 2016 and it's first flight was taken in the year 2017.

Travel speed

When he first created it it travelled at about 32 mph and this speed broke the Guinness world record but after upgrading it,The jet suit can now travel for up to 85mph. Which is incredibly unbelievable.

This jet suit can also fly over oceans

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