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10 most Dangerous Places In The World (pictures in details)

We take conscious steps to live in this Comfort. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to live in comfortable situations. In fact, in some cases, people end up living in really terrible conditions and really terrible places today on 100m.

We'll be counting down to the most dangerous place to live in the world make no mistakes living in these places is like living in an active Battlefield. In fact, the most dangerous place on this list over 2,000 people died from homicides every year.

10. Miok, Russia

People often think of deserts when they imagined places with extreme weather they rarely think of places like only a gun in Russia. One of the coldest places in the world. The Russian village is located right in the middle of La Marina, instead of land.

It has extremely low temperatures and the temperature here. If you reach about 72 degrees Celsius on rare occasions because of the extreme weather of the area only about 500 people can manage the life there and these people usually live unsure of whether their bodies Will Survive the next brutal winter.

The area is so cold that no crops can grow there and cell phones don't even work if he'll be made of ice it would without a doubt look like oh my achen in Russia.

9. Danakil desert the Dinah kill desert in East Africa is without a doubt one of the most dangerous places to be in deserts are generally terrible places for humans, but the danakil desert is on a class of its own.

The desert is spread across Ethiopia Eritrea and Northwestern Djibouti and is known for its regular desert qualities like an abundance of sand and lack of natural sources of water. However, besides this, the Desert is known for its volcanoes and toxic gases.This is usually a source of unbearable heat that makes dehydration extremely likely during the day. The desert is usually as hot as 50 degrees Celsius making it an utterly impossible area to live in but this is not the only reason why Donna killed desert is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

It's also prone to human conflicts and travellers often fall into the hands of kidnappers or get into the middle of armed conflict as far as deserts go the danakil desert is certainly, one of the most dangerous.

8. Death Road.

Imagine how deadly a place has to be known as the Death Road North yungas Road, which is also known as the death road is a dangerous place for all the right reasons.

The road is a 69 kilometres long Switchback that has fogs landslides waterfalls and cliffs falling more than 2,000 feet and each turn the road looks like one that the god of death would design if he were a civil engineer until the late 1990s the refused to kill up to three meant that every other day, but it's the road was extended far enough to connect the Amazon.

So the camp This meant that Merchants usually framed themselves into trucks and buses carrying their crops into the city to sell Unfortunately The Hairpin turns are usually not wide enough.

When you combine this with frequent landslides in the tendency for thick fog to cover the area. You understand what makes accidents extremely likely on this route.

7. Lake Neutron is located in northern Tanzania and is known by many as the most inhospitable.

Place on planet Earth and yes, this means it's so inhospitable that even fishes don't live there. Do you know how messed up a lake has to be to reject fish exactly lake Neutron acts like a lake of fire and behaves like one to the lake has high levels of neutron and this makes the water corrosive to human skin and eyes besides this the lake has red-coloured bacteria and this results in you paint red Hues.

The lake is usually 120 degrees and this makes other species of fish avoid the lake. Take surprisingly flamingos do not care about this. The lake is home to about Like 5 million lesser flamingos and is one of the only places in the world.They can call home sadly only lesser flamingos live in the lake. It's uninhabitable for anyone else

6. Snake Island Brazil.

If someone is named Snake Island, it can only mean one thing it's known for snakes and if there's one thing we know is that snakes are extremely dangerous animals.

So what makes Snake Island a dangerous place to live in snakes, of course, what else? Else the place is home to a remarkable number of snakes and this renders the island virtually inhabitable Additionally.

The island is the only place in the world that houses the golden lancehead Viper a snake with Venom. So powerful it can melt off blush that the place is so dangerous that the Brazilian government has banned visitors from going.

5. Syria, it's very difficult to say an actual country is one of the most dangerous places in the world to live. But sometimes some countries just push your hand and for the mouth and one of those countries is undoubtedly Syria, since the beginning of the Arab Spring the country has been a cesspool of violent death and Carnage.

It's been through a civil war since 2011 and with every passing year, the death toll from the war Rises exponentially. Now, what makes the Civil War?

In Syria, even more, dangerous than regular Wars is the fact that there are three sides the government the rebels in the terrorists in such conditions lines easily get blurred in human life starts to worth noting Syrian citizens have experienced bombings and residential areas bombing of hospitals and even gas attacks. The Health Care system is in Ruins and emergency services are basically a dream a war-torn country is one of the worst possible places to live in Syria is the best present-day example of A war-torn country.

4. North Sentinel Island.Have you ever imagined a whole civilization Untouched by modern humans or Village of people who have no idea about the Western world or the Eastern world or any kind of worlds for that matter, of course, you have and if you haven't well, you don't have to a world like that exists and it's on the ottoman Islands sadly this area isn't the most hospitable area and that's putting it lightly in fact.

Not Sentinel Island is the most dangerous place for tourists. The traditional people living on this island have rejected Western ways of life for Millennia will often react angrily and violently towards them.

They see strangers and foreigners as threats to their ways of life and will attack them if given the chance, but this isn't the only reason why people are discouraged from visiting the island.

Another reason is that foreigners may bring foreign viruses that the people of the island have not been able to build up an immunity against this It would wipe them out.

3. Guatemala

Guatemala is plated by the two things that usually cause Irreplaceable damage to human lives and property natural disasters and crime the small South American country has several volcanoes Mayan sites and rainforest. The Topography of the area means that it's prone to three kinds of natural disasters and these include earthquakes hurricanes and mudslides in 1976 an earthquake in the area was so immense that it took the

As of over 20,000 people besides that country also has an exceedingly high crime rate and 2018 alone. The country has about 3,000 881 homicides despite being a country of only about 16 million people now, it's time for today's best thing.

2. I would go as Brazil when you think of dangerous places, you usually think of tattooed men selling drugs and ammunition out of their truck. Well, that's exactly what a logo is a city in Brazil is like the coastal city of Alagoas is one of the most violent cities in the world.

Going out is almost like plugging into an open Battlefield. You never really know whether you're going to return home without getting cut into pieces by some Gang Starr looking for beautiful kidneys or something, of course, there are more Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro known for higher crime rates than Alagoas.

But what makes the case of a logo as the difference is that it's a relatively small City. So the murder rate by hundreds of people is basically off the charts with 60 people in a thousand getting murdered every year before we Move on. I've got a little challenge. It'll take five seconds to complete. So here's the deal.

1. Gates of Hell a place named Gates of Hell is certainly not going to be a Haven of safety.

You can be sure that this area is the Turkmenistan durvasa gas crater and it is a natural gas field that is beneath an underground cave. It is in the middle of the keratin desert and is about 260 kilometres from the capital of Turkmenistan in 1971 geologist notice that the crater was a source of methane gas.

They decided to set the area on fire to stop that from flooding and since then the area has been on fire. Yes. The Gates of Hell have been burning for about 50 years. It doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon. That's because the gas reserve in the area has been described as one of the world's most extensive sources of natural gases. So who gave the name Gates of Hell to this area. Well, it was the locals they saw the Flames the boiling mud and the smouldering crater and they couldn't believe it being something other than the gates of hell.


Which of these number do you find terrible?

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