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Africa has many interesting facts:Take a look at the facts.

Here are some of the facts about Africa.

1)Africa has the largest desert in the world which is the sahara.

2)Egypt is known as the highest tourist destination in Africa,it attracts about 10 million visitors every year.

3)The hottest place in the world is in Al'Aziziyah in Libya.

4)The central Africa is said by scientists to be the origin of humans.The earliest remains of human species homo sapiens was found in Ethiopia and dates back to over 200 thousand years ago.

5)The Europeans first started exploring the north coast of Africa in 332 B.C which was when Alexander the great came into Egypt and established the city of Alexandria.

6)During the first century A.D, Africa had already been subdivided by geographers into three distinct regions which were called Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya.

7)Islam started to have prominent influence in North Africa by the the seventh century and later spread to the sub Saharan through migration and trade routes.North Africa is still considered Muslim today.

8)Before the colonization of the African continent, historians believed Africa was made up of over more than 10,000 different States (nations) and groups,that is from family groups of hunter gathered to kingdoms.For example in Anambra,there were over more than 10 independent States in the old times.

9)Only two nations were never colonised by any European power which are Libya and Ethiopia.

10)The second Congo war,which started in 1998 and involved over eight African nations is the largest war in African history. It us estimated that over 5.4 million people died.It is also the deadliest world wide conflict since world war 2.The war ended in 2006.

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