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The most beautiful butterflies in the world

Crowned hairstreak

With a wingspan ranging up to 60 mm in males, located in southern mexico, until Ecuador, this butterfly is known as the crowned hairstreak or even us coronata. It is a very rare butterfly that also comes in a green color.

Chrysiridia rhypeus

The daylight butterfly started out being considered a moth, until dru druli placed it in the genus "papilo" it is native to Madagascar, the worlds 4th largest island. The wingspan can very from 6-11cm and they always have 6 tails which could be lost or hrmed during their life.

Janetta forestra

With large patches of metallic blue,green, orange or red these butterflies originate from Africa. This butterfly live and reproduced in the rain fores, flies close to the ground and is attracted to fruits.


These unique butterflies have transparent wings are often found proximate to bamboo and live in deeply shaded rain forests. The Amber phantom butterfly is crepuscula and and rarely seen in vivid sunlight.

Rhetus pariandar

These butterflies are far from clingy. Their radiant blue color speaks for their beauty. They are usually found individually, or in low numbers. They are known to play in the mud after mating, and have been found feeding on juices of a dead tarantula.

Teinopalpus aureus

Beautiful green and golds decorate this teinopalpus aureus. It has a strong, rapid flight and a beautiful personality as well. The butterfly is very rare, therefore not much is known about it. However it is protected by Chinese law.

Blue morpho

One of the largest butterflies in the world the blue morpho tastes with sensors on their legs and feeds on fermenting fruits. To scare off predators, they close their wings which have a less beautiful, camouflage coloring. Males are more vivid color than females to intimidate other competitors for their territory, although the females are beautiful as well.

Blue clipper

The blue clipper butterfly (parthenos Sylvia) is an energetic, fast butterfly. It feeds off of lanatana tropical plants and is found in Asia. They come in a blue and brown color

Western blue

The western blue beauty, protogoniomorpha cytora, is found in the west coast Africa. In lowlands it could be found sunbathing, with its wings spread out.


Taking a month to develop, with a wingspan of up to 1foot, the birdwing is the largest butterfly. The females differ from males because they are brown. Without the beautiful bright green and yellow coloring, however, the female has white markings.

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