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What is the Indian Government Hiding in this Island, that no Human is allowed to Visit.

Sentinel is an island located in the Indian ocean. It is home to the sentineless Tribe, which rejected any contact with the outside world. They are among the last un-contacted people virtually and somehow physically untouched by modern civilization.

In the year 2018, John Chau, was sent by a Christian Missionary group his aim was to visit North Sentinel Island. To make a contact to the Sentinel tribe and finally convert them to Christians. His curiosity and Passion which made him to be in a haste and Somehow John did not seek the necessary permit from the Indian government, and he traveled illegally by bribing a fisherman. The fisherman warned John not to go any farther, but John was ready to give it his all. And didn't listen to the fisherman and pleaded with him to leave without him. Unfortunately the trip didn't workout quite as planned by him. The Sentinelese killed him later that day.

 The Sentineles Tribe is assumed to be the direct descendants of the human race. They first emerged from the planes of Africa. So in other to protect their identity the Indian government banned any form of travel or temporary visit to this island.


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