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Real men: touch her in these sensitive places and get her in the mood.

Touch is everything for a good romance, most times, we go out to our daily activities and get stressed out, from working for long hours, to doing some mental tasking activities and we need to relax our system,

touches are one of the best way we can do, touches that have a way of releasing the neurotransmitter dopamine that triggers excitements and relaxation. So you would want to give her the best touches ever, these are the most sensitive places to touch a lady and turn her on.

- the neck: this is a very sensitive area, because a lot of nerves passes through the neck, so that is a perfect place to touch .

- the forearm: she will feel sensitive when you touch her forearm and that will be a good turn on for her.

- Areola: this is another place to touch your woman, located at the chest regions, you can touch it and fondle with it .

- vaginal margins: this is very sensitive area to touch, located downwards after the naval going down to the hip.

Clitoris: this is the most sensitive of them all, you have to be careful too while touching it, it's delicate and can be ruptured when much pressure is applied.

- nipples: this is another place to get her to feel your touches more, you can add a lubricant to aid frictions and you are good to go.

You can also touch the side boobs and her abdomen lower part.

Now you have known,try these things out and see how your get her in the mood in no distance time.

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