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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid Your Village People(Kingsmen)

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid Your Village People.

Whatever you do in this life,family is very important. Whatever occasion you want to hold especially if it concerns your village,your umunna(kingsmen) must be present.

 Be it burial ceremony,traditional wedding rites,new yam festival celebration etc,your kingsmen must be present. These are the customs of the land,there is no way you can out run it.

There is no point avoiding or running away from our village people because they don't mean to hurt us as we erroneously imagine.

Many do not travel to the village again while some have cut off all communication channels with their village people just to prevent being spiritually harmed.

What many people fail to realize is that spiritually wicked people can see and hurt you from anywhere. Conversely,village people are usually happy to see you because they know you are part of their heritage. 

That is not to say that there are not wicked village people but running away from them does not guarantee your security unless you are in God.

Below are 5 major reasons why you need not fear your village people but love and embrace them

1) They Know A Lot About Your Origin: If indeed some of them want to monitor you,they will spiritually do that easily without even travelling to where you are. So instead of planting bitterness in them when you avoid and forsake them,why not embrace them with wisdom.

2)They Want To Rub Minds With You: They are happy that you guys are still alive and wish to communicate more with you. 

3)They will be of help if you want to later go into business or politics in your place of origin.

4)Support System: They are your support system when you are required by law to bring some documents from your LGA or traditional ruler of origin. That's usually required when applying for admission or government jobs.

5) Most of the time,they don't mean to kill you as you assumed. And if some of them are determine to hurt you, know that no one can do that successfully if God be for you.

Embrace your village people but you need to pray for wisdom to deal with them because you can't do it alone,you might need them someday for a very important cause. But be mindful that some of them can be funny in terms of asking you for money every time, apply wisdom when it comes to that.There are diplomatic ways to say no or find substitute for the money requested for.

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