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"I Faked Coughing & Sneezing To Scare Other Passengers, So I Could Secure A Seat For This Damsel", Onyeka shares love tale

What looked like an empty seat by coincidence turns out to be a space meant for Onyeka's future wife J'Dess. A journey of a lifetime truly begins in ways we least expected it to happen.

Onyeka takes us through a journey where a mere coincidence led him to the happily-ever-after life with a 'fine girl' he had sighted through the window of a plane, just as he scuffled for seats with another passenger in the plane.

According to Onyeka:

After I had taken my Medical board licensing exams, I was ready for my Lagos bound flight when the flight attendants asked passengers to disregard the arrangement of the designated seats and choose where ever anyone deems fit.

Like a window seat lover, I quickly secured a seat for myself while others did the same. As I was trying to settle in, I noticed this very pretty girl boarding as well, and I had said to myself that I will reserve the seat beside me. Firstly, I retrieved my bag from the overhead and placed it on the empty seat beside me.

But, I must have to do something extra to secure the seat as other passengers were still scuffling for seats, so I started coughing and sneezing to scare. people from considering seating beside me. My antics pretty much worked as people avoided the empty seat.

Then, when I noticed she had got on the plane, I made eye contact and beckoned on her, I'm sure she must have wondered who this person was, offering her a seat on a platter of gold when other passengers before her hadn't gotten.

However, she took her place beside me and I was secretly happy I finally had a beautiful lady seat beside me for the first time on a flight. So, as the flight took off, I leaned forward towards her and whispered in her ears "are you coming from or going home?"

That question changed my life forever, as it led from one conversation to another. We chatted through Abuja to Lagos and she revealed that she wasn't meant to be on that particular flight, as the plane she was meant to fly in with her friend had limited seats hence, the reason she joined my flight. What a coincidence?!

I completely forgot to get her number before we departed but, I had told her I would find her. And that same night, I found her on social media and dropped her a message. Unfortunately, no response came until 6 weeks later. When she responded, I quickly requested her number and she obliged.

Gradually, we started getting to know more about ourselves through calls and it wasn't long, I was sure where this was heading to, I have found my life partner!

Our meeting was divine, I didn't have to be in Abuja as long as I did, and if not for limited seats, D'Jess wouldn't have been on the same flight with me but then, it was the universe way of making our path cross.

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