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Take a look at the top 10 safest houses in the world

For some people, a house has four walls and a roof. Some see it as a deeper structure, with balconies, their bathrooms and perhaps a swimming pool, if your budget allows. 

Then there are the owners who, for one reason or another, want to make their home so ridiculously irresistible that they stop associating with the owners and start using us. 

There are some models that will match most of the real war bunkers. Now let's take a look at some of the best examples of the last category: carefully protected houses as if there were too many.

10. KWK's safe house

   You may have seen it, even if you didn't know the name. This is the complex concrete structure that the Internet wants to call "the house of zombie trials". 

The reality, as always, is both more complex and more fun: KWK Safe House is actually an exemplary Polish architectural firm in a truly safe house. 

The most important part of the house are the external walls, which can be moved to completely close the house, jibe or open it completely to connect it. in nature.

   Although the "closed" state of the house is definitely the meat of this particular hamburger as far as zombie lovers are concerned, the real point of the cuboid building seems different: while it can be closed in a rigorous block offer and total monolithic privacy. 

The "open" state of the house is a breathtaking breeze, full of windows, terraces and balconies that provide light and allow you to walk outside. 

The "open" internal views of the state show the building's transparent line, with floor-to-ceiling windows on almost all sides. However, if the zombies attack, it will be a little more difficult to find KWK Safe House's refuge in its "closed" state.

   9. The home of the Atlas missile silo   At first glance, this particular building looks more comfortable than the caretaker. Like everyone else, how safe is an ugly log house in Saranac, New York when the time comes?

   The answer: not very sure. However, the cold war era missile cycle below is still a perfect thing. (For the record, the missiles have been removed for a long time.)

The home of the Silo Atlas Missile was built in 1960 and actually serves as a control center for the aforementioned circuit, which has been out of service for a long time, but some I'm looking for an owner and a ready-to-use owner. Easy to use underground structural components. The original breath tones and control panels remain, making the site a perfect type of domestic bottle. 

To do things, parts of the land that do not have a specific location and that have a part of the entrance with a number of other buildings, so even if living underground is not for you, the site has activities well defended day after day.

   8. The rice house

   Rice House Atlanta in Alpharetta, Georgia advertises itself as a "presidential diplomatic complex", but prudent sales improve if presidents or diplomats are already in office. Regardless of the merits of building policy, one thing is certain: Rice House is one of the safest places in the country.

   At first glance, the building resembles its ordinary mega-mansion, but apart from the usual affiliation to the wealthy (such as infinity pools, personal bowling allies and many car holes), every corner of Rice House was killed by

Aspects of unhealthy security, all intentionally integrated into architecture because, as published on the house's website, "the invisible could not be defeated". The house is full of hidden doors, reinforced doors, windows and ballistic panels. 

The main and main rooms are a panic chamber and have a 15,000 square foot bunker if things don't go well. The house can be closed anywhere in the world and there is also a button to spray the attackers with unwanted tear gas. 

Oh, and if the initial attack does not convince the enemy that the House of Commons is not in crisis, a sufficiently equipped owner can enter the eternal structure: the house is equipped with energy without a Y-network and gets its water from three artesian wells approximately 1,000 feet deep.

7. Indian Creek Island

  Indian Creek Island is an ultra-secure "secret" island in Miami, Florida that offers a lot of security to people willing to pay for it, what Forbes calls "billionaires". 

Some of the wealthiest people in the world are paying millions and millions to acquire one of the island's properties and with only 40 of them wandering around, it's easy to think that the market is very hot. Today, the island's most expensive program costs $ 47 million and was purchased by a mysterious Russian buyer in 2012.

   The strangeness of the owner's usable pages and the exclusivity of the island are not the only things that appeal to buyers. 24/7 private police patrol on the Indian Creek coast with boats, jeepneys and jet skis, and even the only entrance to the carefully guarded, exclusive and hyper-private 18-hole golf course .

 6. The most solid house of Eugène Tssui.

   Eugene Tssui is the type of person who wants to wear a cape and has a CV to support his fashion choices. He was a professor, writer, researcher at Harvard University, flamenco guitarist, pianist pianist, inventor, boxer and well-known gymnastics ... and, fortunately, architect with an author of strange and unique designs. 

One of his most famous creations is a building he calls the safest home in the world.

   He built the house as a residence for his elderly parents, and therefore his version of a solid guard house did not provide armed guards. Instead, he focused on the materials and designs that made the structure as disaster resistant as possible. 

The design and properties of the building are inspired by one of the strongest creatures, the tardigrade. The appearance of organic cliffs on the surface hides the tube that allows hot air to circulate around the house, mixed with the annoying surface of the house to bring warmth and move away from the house, said Tssui while healing the fire.

   The flap shutter is one that manages strong air and water away from windows and doors, preventing internal flooding and storm damage. In addition, the house is made of Rastra, a special concrete mix based on recyclable compressed coffee cups. 

This material provides additional resistance to fire, flood, termites and mites and is also used as an offensive sound. Finally, the support structures are made of Structo-lite, a form of hypersurfaced plaster that "folds, changes and adapts", which should help the house survive earthquakes.

   5. Kim Jong-un's residence  As for the most popular things in the world, North Korea's "beloved leader" Kim Jong-un washes the best jacket and the best frames on his shoulder while watching a topic of discussion. This list is no exception, as Kim has many other safe residences protected by architecture and her 100,000 avant-garde army.

   Details of Kim's many homes are scarce even in North Korea. We know that his main residence is Ryonsong Palace, but at least a dozen leading residences are known (and there are times when there are others).

One of these buildings is so powerful that it has a huge 1,000-seat cinema for the dictator looking for cinematic masterpieces like Godzilla. Kim likes to constantly change his assets at high costs because his people have a hard time doing it. 

In 2010, he built an enthusiastic home in Pyongyang to serve as a residence for his family, but clearly failed to meet his standards after inheriting the home of his father's big boss: in 2015 it was completely destroyed and the la construction has begun.

   4. Corbi residence

   Al Corbi is a security expert who has also helped make Rice House his ultra safe community, so it's no surprise that his home in Hollywood Hills is one of the most supervised buildings. 

The whitewashed walls make the house seem like the typical multi-million dollar house in the area, but it all sounds like the secret home of a spy organization.

   The Corbi family does not have the house keys and they do not need them thanks to the biometric door recognition software. The building is unpredictable in the event of an earthquake, thanks to solid holes in the concrete depth of 30 feet. 

Its inhabitants are also unrecognizable for attackers abroad thanks to a variety of surveillance equipment to locate an intruder about a kilometer away. 

Even if something prevents him from entering, Corbis is in little danger, because the house actually has a house, a house much safer in itself: in addition to the usual accommodation places, sleepers are tried. in a secure 2,500 square foot space, essentially a complete ballistic proof suite. Corbi calls it a "secure base".

   3. The home of the Hamptons by Ira Rennert

  If a multi-million dollar mansion has a reported cost of $ 248 million, you know that security is probably less than that of a guard dog and a neighbor on the island. 

It has 9-1-1 on the dial. Articles on the controversial 62,000-square-foot Ira Rennert mansion in the Hamptons are full of descriptions of the building's details, but surprisingly updated on its security details. 

However, this does not mean that the building was never guarded, as witnessed by a reporter, Mother Jones, who tried to look at the building: a security guard jumped from a real bush and threatened to stop even before come closer.

 Although there is no real manor safety data, the size and complexity should convince anyone that they cannot go anywhere where there are not many private troops. 

The Hamptons Ballroom includes up to 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms, a 91-foot dining room, a 164-seat theater, a $ 150,000 hot tub, and a variety of amenities. Sports field and swimming pool. Rennert also has several art collections worth $ 500 million and plans to build a museum in the region to house the collection.

   2. Bill Gates house

   As one of the world's most famous tech billionaires and the richest ex-man, Bill Gates is in a prime position to build one of the safest homes in the world and his Washington residence will truly survive. The palace, which Gates called Xanadu 2.0 as a cult of Citizen Kane, a luxurious residence for many, had to request an artificial flow across the region to ensure that the flow of water from the remaining walls was not an issue.

   Not surprisingly, the house is full of cliff technology and a combination of sensors, technical clothing and hidden devices has allowed the Gates family and their guests to customize everything in the room if they feel at home. easy. music for light and temperature. 

You can also edit the graphics on the walls with the touch of a button. Oh, and he redone this technology in the 90s, when the rest of the world was still trying to discover the Internet. 

The other rooms less oriented towards Gates' house include a trampoline-filled room, a giant library with hidden books that reveal a secret bar and a large 60-foot swimming pool with outdoor and indoor sections.

   The security systems in the region have obviously messed up a bit, but if everyone is out, everyone is out. When the House of Gates organized a party for the National Association of Governors in 2004, the entire territory was surrounded by a gigantic temporary security zone which blocked access to much of Lake Washington. For added security, assistants should arrive.

1. Kim and Kanye's home is the safest

You might think that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would live in a different fairy tale, but in reality their home is aptly called Hidden Hills, California. Visitors only have to go through several security checks to get to the main door, where a visitor points out that "you can go down a moat". The $ 60 million home is closely followed by a security team who oversees family affairs and accompanies them wherever they go. 

As a finishing touch, they have a safety capsule in their deployments and maximum alarm at all times, which could make things very difficult if they wanted to open a bottle of champagne. and an armed guard who shot the fastest pork shoulder blades.

   To be honest, there is a compelling reason for the couple's interest in security. In 2017, Kardashian was robbed under the threat of a hotel in Paris, not only did he realize that his life on Instagram was very easy to track down, but that caused a complete overhaul based on security needs of his life.

Let's hear your opinion through your comments, do you think this rating is accurate?, write us immediately.

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