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See Photos Of Top 9 Most Bizarre Places To Wed Including A Cemetery

In all countries and culture, people don’t joke with wedding.

Couples always make all kinds of preparations years and months ahead, to ensure that there is no hitch in the events of the day.

Wedding signifies the beginning of a new life, and a new family, hence people don’t hesitate to spend lots of money to celebrate it as much as they can.

One of the things that can tell how great a wedding event is is the location chosen for the event.

Since a couple is free to chose how they want to celebrate their wedding within the restriction of what they believe, and what the law of their country or locality will permit them to do, many of them always try to be as unique as ever, so that they can make their weddings to be as memorable as it can be.

We have seen all kinds of very expensive wedding locations that made the news all over the world; hence most of the time people don't usually have interest in them anymore.

Some people have chosen to take their own wedding beyond the traditional boundaries, they try to be modest but at the same time make it something very unusual so that when people hear or see, they cannot but notice their wedding as something memorable.

For these people, they have not spent much in terms of money, as a matter of fact they are not from the rich or aristocrats families, neither are they celebrities, or people that are famous for others to know.

They are just simple folks who are thinking out of the box, and are so ingenuous that they are able to force newsmen and media houses to publish news about their weddings.

Talk about free publicity

Nine of these bizarre wedding places are listed below

1. Wedding in a cemetery:

This couple decided to get married at the graveyard, to the shock and amazement of their guests.

Maybe they are trying to practically establish the part of the marriage oath that says "till death do us part"

2. Wedding on a horse racetrack:

Normally this is a venue for horse races. You cannot imagine people coming to a place like this to attend a wedding. This couple has changed this tradition anyway.

Their wedding held at Sandown Park, the largest horse race track in England.

3. Wedding in zero gravity:

Zero gravity has always been described as not convenient for human living, because without the force of gravity normal life because extremely difficult.

As difficult as this situation may be, this couple finds it convenient to hold their wedding there, inside a Boeing 727.

They even added more uniqueness to it; the wife is wearing a special earring made like the shape of planet earth, and the husband's cuff links are made like a space rocket.

4. Wedding at a shooting range:

Can you imagine a bride holding gun and shooting during her wedding. No one knows what informed this couple to choose a shooting range as a wedding venue.

Maybe shooting is their hobby or sport, as they have many of their guests also able to shoot.

5. Wedding on Airplane Wings:

Of all places to wed, this couple chose airplane wings, maybe they are into circus, otherwise why should they choose to do such a dangerous thing on their wedding day.

Many of their guest who could not climb on the plane's wings like the couple has to stand breathless watching them, and perhaps praying for them.

What a dangerous way to start a new family.

6. Wedding Under the water:

What can prompt a couple to leave dry land and opt for wedding under the water? That is truly bizarre.

These couple just wants to make a point that you can choose to be what you want to be. Definitely this venue is not convenient for them and their poor guests who seem not to have any choice but to just honour them.

7. Wedding in the jungle:

One can understand if it is Tarzan and Jane that are getting married in the jungle in the midst of Gorillas and other wild animals whom Tarzan calls family.

These 20th centuries’ couple is not Tarzan and Jane, but they choose to have their wedding in the jungle, maybe they are tired of the city life.

8. Wedding in a haunted house:

How would you feel if you suddenly receive an invitation for a wedding that will take place in the midnight where their no electricity but just the moon for light, and the venue is a haunted house.

That is truly bizarre.

9. Wedding in a Telephone booth:

This couple met through phone, hence they feel that is what has brought them together, and they wanted a telephone booth to be a witness to their wedding.

Which of these wedding venues will you prefer?

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