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8 most beautiful tourist attractions in Nigeria

Tourism is the most popular thing individuals from civilized societies engage in because of the satisfaction derived from it.

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of human and natural resources, it is endowed with great arts which makes Nigeria one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The numerous tourist destinations in Nigeria shows outstanding beauty and historical significance that amuse the general population. Most beautiful and amazing tourist attractions in Nigeria are discussed below.

1. Zuma Rock

Zuma rock is located at Madalla, Niger state in the north of Abuja. It is a monopoly inselberg that has human face.

When you visit the Zuma rock during rainy season, you will be able to see the Zuma rock fire.

The peak of the rock catches fire under heavy rainfall. The Zuma rock fire remains one of the wonders of Zuma rock.

2. Osun sacred groves

This sacred fores usually attract a large number of people from different parts of the world because it is ranked high in the list of tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Osun sacred grove is located in the borders of Oshogbo , the capital of osun state in the south Western part of Nigeria.

3. Ikogosi cold and warm water spring

The fusion and presence of cold and warm springs is the most famous wonders at ikogosi, Ekiti state. This tourist attraction is an awesome sight to experience as it is known to be the only one of it's kind across the globe.

4. Mambilla plateau

Mambilla plateau is located at Taraba state in Nigeria standing at approximately 1,830m above the sea level, this plateau has a temperate climate and hush green pasture. The environment is devoid to tse tse fly and mosquitoes.

5. Olumo rock

Olumo rock is a mountain situated at the city of Abeokuta, Ogun state. The Yoruba people count it as a deity because it acts as a refuge during intertribal warfare in the 19th century. The rock provide protection for egba people when they need it.

New renovations upgraded the infrastructure of the site to include a new restaurant, museum, water fountains and the ancient itoku market. The market lies between the olumo rock premises. Makers of Adire tye dye show off their designs by the road side.

6. Tarkwa bay Beach

Tarkwa bay beach is located closer to the Lagos harbor. It is a popular spot for swimmers and water sport lovers and also a home to a warm and welcoming resident community. Tarkwa bay beach is not often crowded like many other beaches in Lagos. This makes it a perfect place for exciting tour with friends or family.

7. Hi - impact planet

This tourist attraction offers fun and excitement for friends and family as well as kids. There are various games available there and many other great attractions for people of all race and ages.

8. Nike art and gallery

Nike art and gallery is a five story structure that holds a wide collection of arts, making it one of the best spots in the list of dazzling Lagos attractions. In the inner court, you can see stone sculptures, tye dye workshops, hanging craft work as well as wide range of art works displayed inside the beautiful building.

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