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5 Security Tips To Consider Before You Travel By Road In Nigeria

Due to the security challenges experienced on various roads across the country, it has become vital to consider some security tips before embarking on a journey to any part of the country. Most of the security tips discussed are easy to practice, and some of them can be practised on your smartphone phone with ease.

The confessions and revelations by suspected criminals have led to the realization of safety measures that Nigerians can implement before going on road trips. While security agencies in the country continue to try their best to protect us, we too can try our best to protect ourselves from criminals.

The first security tip is to enable phone tracking. We now live in a world significantly influenced by technology, and we apply technology in various aspects of our lives, including the security of lives and properties. You can enable the tracking of your smartphone and entrust the tracking details to someone trustworthy. This measure increases the chances of locating the individual who is about to embark on the journey. In some cases, suspected criminals were tracked and arrested through the mobile devices of their victims.

Portable tracking devices. In cases where an individual may not want to enable tracking on their mobile devices, there are chips or tiny tracking devices that can be worn or kept in a pocket. These devices make it easier to locate the wearer.

Using a dashboard camera is another security tip. The use of CCTV in banks and other properties has become a popular security measure in Nigeria. Many people are not aware that security cameras can also be used to protect their vehicles. According to accounts by criminals and victims, highway kidnappers often leave the car behind while taking away their victims. Some dashboard cameras can be monitored through the internet.

The fourth security tip to consider before embarking on a road trip is the study of the map and finding alternative routes. Most smartphones today can provide access to maps. The maps, unlike earlier days. Most of the maps accessible by phone are up-to-date, and they have satellite support.

Lastly, read the news reports to know the recent happenings in the area you intend to visit or journey through. 

Remember to pray before embarking on your journey, as some people believe that prayers protect and keep you safe.

Content created and supplied by: Adegorioye (via Opera News )


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