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The First Aircraft To Land In Nigeria And Where Its Lands.(Photo)

Welcome back esteem readers. In today's article, I will take you back to memory lane, and to tell what happened.

Have you ever think of the first aircraft that land in Nigeria? How it will look like and where it landed?. Yes,many people would have think about such thing.

The first aircraft that landed Nigeria can be traces back to 1st November, 1925 and it landes in Kano State.

95 years ago,an aircraft belonging to the Royal Airforce (RAF) De Havilland 9A landed in Nigeria,at Kano.

The air trip to Nigeria from Helwan, a town in Egypt was led by then Flight Lt. Coningham.

On the day of arriver ,1st Novermber,1925.Nigeria awaited for the aircraft and Coningham landes the aircraft on a polo ground,outside Kano's ancient wall. There were crowds of about 20,000 Nigeria who came out to witness the first aircraft to land in Nigeria.

It was really a memorial day,1st November, 1925. First aircraft lands in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading.

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De Havilland 9A Egypt Kano State RAF Royal Airforce


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