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Who Remembers The Popular Aeroplane Shaped House In Abuja?

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If your reside in Abuja, you might have one way or the other come across this magnificent piece of engineering, The popular Plane House. Driving south into Abuja on the main highway, it is impossible to miss the Abuja Airplane House. Rising above the city on a grassy hill, the massive villa of the Said family is visible from a mile away.

While growing up, my dad i usually take a trip around the plane house it was indeed a great view then, I always think think who came up with such idea.

The unusual-looking home is the brainchild of local man Said Jammal, who built the home for his six children and wife Liza who "loves travel, Jammal agreed to one day build a plane-shaped home for her as a symbol of their love and her love of travel.

Check out photos belowthanks for your time.

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