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Check Out The Country Where It Is Crime To Be Caught With Chewing Gum

It is the sole responsibility of each government to enact laws that will benefit its citizens. However, there are constitutions in some countries that are inarguably strange.

And it is important for us to be familiar with these laws and constitutions of other countries, most especially if we intend travelling abroad for business or tourism.

Located in the Southeastern region of Asia, Singapore is one of the most visited countries by tourists. It is endowed with beautiful landscapes, captivating ancient structures, and Islands.

[Image: Singapore / Credit: Touropia]

However, it should be known that there are things which are legal in most countries but illegal in Singapore. One of which is being caught with 'chewing gum'. This is because the country believed it made its environment unclean.

[Image: No Chewing Gum Signpost / Source: Google]

The law, known as the "gum ban" was implemented by the country's first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, in 1992. During an interview with BBC in 2000, Lee disclosed the reasons why the ban was very important.

He lamented that the streets, public transports, pavements, staircases and subways are being littered with chewing gum which led to the skyrocketed increase in the costs of cleaning equipments.

[Image: Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew / Source: Google]

Therefore, there was need for the ban. And anyone found guilty of breaching the law will be fined $100.

Although there is an exception for dental-therapeutic chewing gums, the gum must be registered and prescribed by a certified health institution.

The former Singaporean prime minister responded to those criticising the ban saying, they should replace the chewing gum with banana.

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