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Adventure At Its Peak: What You Need To Know Before Booking The Restaurant In The Sky.

There are different ways to enjoy life at the maximum in as much as there is Money. Imagine when you have the experience of dinning in the sky.

The Rich never gets satisfied, most of them often seek for more adventures. Having dinner in the sky should be included as one of the extreme adventures for Ultra-High-Net-Worth thrill seekers.

Dinner in the Sky is located at the Dubai International Marine Club and allows for 22 guests to be hoisted at a time for this one-of-a-kind epicurean journey.

Here's What you need to know before taking the decision of booking the restaurant in the sky.

1. This is NOT for the faint hearted

2. You’re going to have to hold in your piss or ease yourself before the adventure.

3. It should have a safety record.

4. Have less meal before the time.

5. Meals are available for vegetarians and non vegan based on your bookings.

6. Guard your belongings well.

7. There are no weight restrictions but you need to be a certain height

8. Don't be late.

If you have the money, and can adhere to it list "need to know", can you book a meal in the "dinner in the sky"?

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Adventure At Its Peak Rich Ultra-High-Net-Worth


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