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Ifon's Oro Festival Starts On Saturday, Visitors And Women Are Not Allowed Between This Time.

The Balogun family of Ifon town, and organizer of Oro festival has made announcement to the general public on the commencement of the town's yearly Oro festival starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 18, 2020 and will last throughout the week. During Oro festival, several rituals, which are forbidden for women and non indigenes to witness, are performed. Women and non indigenes, Ogberi, are to stay indoors throughout the night, usually 8pm to 5am.

Oba Almoroof Adekunle Magbagbeola, the Olufon is the ruler over Ifon, Ilobu and Erin-osun. Olufon are portrayed as the direct sons of Obatala, a deity in Yoruba mythology.

Ifon is a large town under the Orolu local government area of Osun state. Ifon people are descendants of Obatala and are very traditional. Ifon is one of the towns that continues to observe Oro festival in the South-west Nigeria. Other festivals like Oduade, Ogun and Osun are celebrated on a yearly basis. 

The rituals are meant to appease the gods of the land and ward off evil, according to Yoruba mythology, and any non indigenes or women that witness the procession of the Oro cult are meant to die on the spot. There have been recorded cases of killings of non indigenes and women in the process of Oro rituals. 

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Ifon Oba Almoroof Adekunle Magbagbeola Obatala Olufon Oro


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