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NEPA has never taken light here: see the most expensive neighborhood in Lagos State, Nigeria

When you hear of Lagos Banana Island, what comes to your mind? Luxury right? Maybe you have heard about this place when listening or reading news articles about Nigeria's famous celebrities and their new houses

You might wonder why the houses in Banana Island are so expensive. Apart from being a famous place of residence of Nigerian celebrities, houses in Banana Island are considered to be the foremost costly in Lagos region.

The houses in this location is seen to br appropriate for the foremost well off buyers because it is a dream paradise, surrounded by luxury

More than 500 plots of land ranging from 1000m² to 4000m² are located on the artificial Island with fabulous beaches of a total area of 2630km², which has become one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in Nigeria

Note: Banana Island road is connected with the Island of Ikoyi

Banana Island consists of a set of several buildings located at the first line of the beach and are fully equipped up to high standards which provide design solutions of the highest level. This way it is not a thing of surprised that it is like a home to most millionaires and billionaires

You would be impressed with the great green lawns. Houses in Banana Island and suitable for those who have money and lots of wealth.

Flat prices in Banana Island ranges from $130 to $200 this doesn't include $15 payment for the service charge that each resident need to pay annually

Why so expensive?

This is so because the Island is equipped with;

An ocean parade towers complex

Central air conditioning


Swimming pools

24-hours a day supply of electricity

Top security on a constant basis

Squash and tennis courts

Now you see reasons why everyone can't afford the luxurious Island. This is a place of admiration unforgettable emotions and impressions but not a place for a life.

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