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The Busiest Airport in the world with over one hundred million Passengers Annually.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atalanta, Georgia saw one hundred and ten million, five hundred and thirty one thousand passengers (110,531,000) pass through its gates, on 904,301 flights in just one year An average of 27,000 passengers everyday.

The facility witnessed an increase of 2.6 percent from The last year according to data from Airport council international, retaining its spot as the Busiest Airport in the world.The airport founded in Ninety five years ago, was named after two former mayors of the city of Atalanta serves as a hub for the infamous Delta airlines and connects with over seventy five international destinations and one hundred and fifty local destinations within the united states.

However the airport does not make Top ten amongst the largest airports in terms of land mass as it covers just 4,700 acres of land within which it's five Runways are situated.

Sixty three thousand employees of various capacities such as Airline workers, ground workers, security and many more work hand in hand in the airport that generates 34.8 billion US Dollars to the city of Atalanta to ensure that all these passengers have a smooth Experience.

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