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See Ronaldo's Cars, Luxury, House, Hotels and planes.

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Christiano Ronaldo lives in luxury, apart from the fact that he is arguably the best player on the planet.

Christiano Ronaldo is known for his classy lifestyle and his designer sense of dressing.

Let's start with his cars.

Bugatti Centodieci. Ronaldo bought this car for a whopping sum of 8.5million pounds check the images below. Aston Martin Db9 $200,000. Bugatti Veyron $1.7million let's move over to His hotels.

His hotel group is called Pestana Cr7. There are two Pestana hotels, one is in Lisbon and the other is in Madeira. More hotels are to open in Manchester, Madrid, New York, Marrakech and Paris.

Let's see the pictures.. Where is his house located? San Vito Revigliasco ..

See pictures .

Ronaldo has a private jet Gulfstream G650 which costs $65million.

See pictures Lastly let's check his wristwatches he has a wristwatch worth £1.85million made of Emerald and another worth £100,000 pounds to name a few.

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