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Weird Facts u might not know

1. If the sun exploded you would not know until 8 minutes later

Light from the sun reaches the earth at 8 minute and 18 second, it also the same time it take for us to see any changes in the sun.

2. Shadows are darker on the moon.

On earth, shadows are not too dark because of the sunlight in the atmosphere, but things are different with the moon because moon has no atmoshpere.

3. Viagra can make flower stay erect too.

If you dissolve viagra in water, it can make flowers stay alive for a longer than usual.

4. About 100 people choke on pens each year.

Roughly, about 100 people choke on pen caps per year, that why BIC adopted their iconic holed caps. The holes make sure that a person can breathe when ingested.

5. Our eye remain the same size from brith but our noses and ears will always grow.

6. Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.

A desert is any land with little vegetation and rain. Antarctica desert is the coldest desert that cover the whole continent.

7. Woodpeckers would eat brains if too hungry.

When a woodpecker goes too long with no food, they begin to pindown other birds and peck until they eat their brains.

8. One man's sperm can impregnate every woman on earth.

In about two weeks, a single male produces enough sperm to impregnate every fertile woman on the planet.

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