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Top 10 most beautiful places in the world

In today's article I'm gonna be showing you the most beautiful breath taking, fascinating, fabulous and awesome placed in the world that you can visit and see some sights after this quarantine.They are as follows.

#10 Palawan Island Philippines

Palawan is like a heavenly island teeming with exotic wildlife with the calauit game reserve and UNESCO world heritage sites and I he wildlife sanctuary

#9 seljalandfoss waterfall Iceland

This incredible waterfall is located in Iceland southern coast . This waterfall is from the melting waterfrom the snow capped Eyjafjallajokull volcanoes. It is surely a good place to see and it also has a beautiful meadow.

#8 plitvice lake national park

Plitvice has earned its place among the most beautiful places in the world with its beautiful lakes, oak forest and it's amazing limestone rock formations.

#7 Algar de benagil Portugal

Located near the algarve coast this fascinating grotto can only be accessible by sea and the sun illuminates on the waters creating amazing effects.

#6 cliffs of moher Ireland

This cliffs are one of Ireland greatest tourist attractions. This cliff is home to over 30,000 birds from over 20 species.

#5 Great barrier reef and Whitehaven Australia

This is home to diverse to different aquatic animal and plants species also the world largest coral reef system of over 2900 individual reefs and over 900 Islands stretching over 2,300 kilometres over an approximately 344,400 square kilometres (133,000 sq miles).

#4 Antelope canyon Arizona

This amazing canyon has awesome sandstone which gives of the fire illusions.

#3 Iguazu falls Argentine/Brazil border

One the modern natural wonders of the world this mini chain of waterfall is nearly 3km in extension.most of its rain forest are also exotic and awe inspiring.

#2Moraine lake Canada


This scenic lake is located in the beautiful valley of the ten peaks in Banff national park this lake is turquoise blue which is a magnetic aura for tourists.

#1 salar de uyni Bolivia

One of the world largest salt flats spanning 4086 square kilometres ( 10,582 sq km) . This landscape is comprised of salt and the scene created when the sun illuminates on the sun creates awesome reflection.

Content created and supplied by: Tonyyoung01 (via Opera News )

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