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Check out these Beautiful and Amazing Gifts of Nature in Nigeria Plus their Pictures

Nigeria is a country that has it all. It is blessed with abundant gifts of Nature that will take your breath away. Nigeria happens to be the most populous country in Africa with over 200 ethnic groups speaking over 500 languages. It's abundant, beautiful and amazing gifts of Nature are scattered across the country which is made up of 36 states plus the Federal capital territory Abuja.

Believe this Nigeria truly has it all. All you need is a visit to see this wonders of Nature. From the Majestic Rocks, Hill, mountain Waterfalls, Natural Spring, Lake, Caves and Rivers how can anyone say Nigeria is not blessed. Let's take a look at these Beautiful and amazing wonders of Nature in Nigeria.

(1). Awhum (Ohum) Cave, Enugu: This cave is a wonder to behold. It has several caves lining the track to a waterfall which is another special feature of this cave. The fall is said to proclaim God's wisdom and healing power. People go to the cave for prayers and other spiritual exercise.

(2). Ogbunike cave, Anambra: This cave is one of Nigeria's most impressive wonders which why it is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to streams, a waterfall, a colony of bats and it is system of caves linked together by small tunnels and passages leading to different exciting adventures.

(3). Riyom Rock, Plateau: This is a wonder to behold. It takes the shape of the map of Plateau State when viewed from a certain angle.The formation is popularly known as the three Rocks.

(4). The Obudu Holy Mountain, Cross River State: It is considered by some people as the most beautiful sight to behold on Earth. It is best known for it's breathtaking dramatic panorama.

(5). Idanre Hill, Ondo: It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Nigeria. It includes the Owa's Palace, shrine, thunder water, old court, belfry, agbooogun footprints and burial mounds and grounds.

(6) Ogba Ukwu, Waterfall and Cave, Anambra: The cave is considered the largest in West Africa with roomy compartments that is believed can accommodate an entire village. It also have a massive dome and a magnificent waterfall.

(7). Ado-Awaye Suspended Lake, Oyo: It is one of the only two suspended lake in the world. The lake sits on one of the crests of rocks referred to as the "Sleeping lion". A a view from the top of the rock is magical.

(8). Farin Ruwa Waterfall: This magical fall is found in Nasarawa State. The whitish appearance of it's water spray is why it is call Farin Ruwa meaning "White Water" in Hausa language.

(9). River Niger and Benue, Kogi: It was discovered to have a 'Y' shape by the Lander bothers. The 'Y' shape of this River is symbolised in the Nigeria's Coat of Arms. See pictures of the river below.

(10). Wikki Warm Spring, Bauchi: The actual source of this water is still yet to be determined. It has a constant temperature of 31 degree Centigrade. It is located in Yankari National Park which is one of Nigeria's most revered National Park for spotting Wiidlife. See pictures below;

(11). Zuma Rock, Niger: This majestic and amazing Rock stands at 725metres tall. It has a unique shape and a special natural contour of human-like face on one side. It's a beautiful sight to behold. Pictures are shown below;

These are some of the amazing wonders nature has blessed Nigeria with. There are more that will leave you speechless. What do you make of the amazing pictures of some of this beautiful and amazing gifts of Nature in this article? Pls leave your comments below.

Content created and supplied by: Edylove (via Opera News )

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