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The deadliest Island in the world where humans are forbidden

About 25 miles off the coast of Brazil, there is a beautiful island, with tropical weather, rainforest and great coastline.

The island is known as IIha Queimada Grande, and it's in fact so dangerous to set foot there there that Brazil has made it illegal for anyone to visit. The danger on the island comes in form of the golden lancehead snakes - a specie of pit viper and one of the deadliest serpents in the world.

It is estimated that there are over 2,000 to 4,000 golden lancehead vipers on the island, the Lancehead are so venomous that a human bitten by one could be dead within an hour if not giving medical attention.

The Golden lancehead venom is so powerful, that according to Smithsonian, it is five times more venomous than main land snakes, it can melt human skin on contact, as that is how the snake hunt for food. So it's a good thing people don't visit the island cause melting of skin is straight out of a horror Film.

On the island, there is a lighthouse so according to Legend, the local lighthouse keeper and his family were killed by vipers that came in through the windows. Today, the navy periodically visit the lighthouse to make sure no adventures wondering to close the Island.

Another local legend claims that the snakes were originally introduced by pirates seeking to protect their buried treasures on the island. So now if we are to believe that they put as many snakes on the island to stop people, what is then stopping the snakes from attacking them ?

I don't think the pirates are responsible for the snakes, in my opinion I think they just kept multipling since the lancehead head vipers can't swim, so they were trapped on the island that why there are to much vipers on the island which makes it deadly.

It's hard to imagine why anyone would want to visit a place where a painful death lurks every few feet.

However, the vipers deadly venom has shown potential in helping to fight heart problems, leading to something of a black market demand for the venom. For some law breakers, they don't care about the risk they only care about the money.

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