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If you are planning on how to travel from Lagos to Ibadan today, You need to read this

Traffic jam is one major thing we suffer here in Nigeria.An important information has just been passed by the famous traffic update company GIFI TRAFFIC,they have warned all Lagosians who have the intention of traveling to Ibadan today to cancel their travel plans.

This information was shared through their social media platforms.The reason why this information was passed is because of the standstill traffic that started at the early hours of today being 17th July 2020.All motorists driving on the road have been stuck their for hours without any movement.

So if you have anybody related to you that are planning to travel from Lagos to Ibadan today,you should inform them about the situation at hand.

Nigerians has appreciated the company for letting them know about the situation.

Kindly share your thoughts on this.What do you think abou the traffic in Lagos state? Don't forget to Like Comment and Share.Thank you!.

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