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8 Wonders of the Sistine Chapel. (Photos)

The Sistine chapel was constructed from 1457 to 1481 on the commission of Pope Sixtus IV from whom it gets the same Sistine. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady and was constructed using a part of the Capella Magna,a previous construction.

The chapel has the same dimensions as the Temple of Solomon in the Old Testament. Very Unique.

It is the private chapel of the Pope while in office. 

The Chapel is the venue for the conclave, the ceremony of election of a new pope by the college of Cardinals.

The Sistine Chapel choir is one of the oldest choirs in the world and is famous for the Miserere composed by Gregorio Allegri. 

On the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, the Pope celebrates mass in the chapel and then baptises a number of children in the Chapel.

The chapel is mostly famous for the many works of art doting the ceiling of the chapel, mainly accredited to Michelangelo who was more sculptor than painter.

Initially the painting in the chapel were depicted as naked men but later, commissions were issued and they were covered with loin clothes.

Michelangelo's painting takes up over 11,840 square feet of the chapel.

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