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3 Crazy and Weird Restaurants That Are Famous Due To Their Unique Theme and Bizarre Idea

We all have been to various kinds of hotels and restaurants, we love going to new restaurants every time, exploring new places, restaurants and tasting new food is favorite of each one of us.

You must have come across crazy and weird restaurants that are fun to go and at the same time are strange and unusual. These restaurants have a special theme and are organized as per the theme which makes them different and unique.

So here is the list of top most crazy and weird restaurants in the world, that have become famous due to their unique theme and bizarre idea.

1. Amix Cafe , Vietnam

Amix Cafe is located in Ho chi Minh city of Vietnam, it is the idea of a 23 Year old boy, to open such a restaurant. It is a Fish themed restaurant, yes you read it right!!!

People here come with their families to have coffee or drinks and in the mean time Fishes nip their feet !!!

Don't you think it is an crazy idea to have a coffee with the fishes. The restaurant is two floored, first floor has hundred of fishes, while the second floor has Japanese carbs.

People with family and kids often prefer to go to the first floor, the floor of the restaurant is filled with water and hundreds of fishes. It is a unique idea and has become popular among the people.

2. Central Jail Restaurant

The restaurant is located in Bangalore, India. It is a jail themed restaurant, here prisoners serve the food and guards take the order. It has everything that is related to the jail like Lockup, barracks and even the decor is like that of a jail. It is said that the food is quite tasty and not like a prison.

3. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan.

This restaurant is based on a toilet theme, everything here is like a toilet, here the food is served in toilets or mini tubs. In-fact the seating arrangement is also like toilet seats. Even the ice creams look like a poop .

Strangely this restaurant has become really successful !!!

Content created and supplied by: crazygist (via Opera News )

Amix Cafe Fish Ho chi Minh Vietnam


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