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5 unresolved mysteries of the world

When flipping the pages of history we find so many buried secrets, which are best not explored. The desire to break and unlock mysteries is human and as such we toil day and night to find solutions to unknown events, happenings and circumstances around us.

Here are 5 unresolved mysteries of the world

KFC meal and recipes

It is possible that one of the major reason for the success of the KFC is the hidden recipe of the famous chicken dish, hidden at the headquarter of the company. How the dish prepared by Herland Sanders in 1930 was made remains a secret which has been maintained ever since it was setup. This has made the recreation of the taste of the KFC dish impossible.

Hitlers death

Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker, this is an open secret. What remains un affirmed is the date in which he died. It was reported that he died on April 30th, 1945, but there were evidential documents stating Hitler being alive after world war II, this could be true as one of the only options he had was to escape from Germany for his own benefit. However it is kept as a secret by the FBI, and the reason is unknown.

Oil deposits in the US

The United States of America government has kept its exact oil mining locations hidden from the public. Rumours have it that if you find oil deposits on your land, you are meant to alert the government who will in turn buy it off you with a signed agreement to keep the location a secret. 

Origin of HIV/AIDS

So many theories have originated as to the origin of HIV, in order to get the truth about the cause of HIV/AIDS. Could HIV be man-made? There were reports of the deadly disease originating from Africa while there are rumours of it being manufactured in a laboratory. The source of the disease has been kept an unravelled mystery. 

Clouded story of a Taj Mahal

Few secrets have been kept at the back door of history and one of them is about, Taj Mahal, One of the seven wonders of the world. It is claimed in the book 'the true story of Taj Mahal' that the fort was initially built during Rajput rule at Agra, originally as a Shiva temple. According to researchers the rooms closed in the fort from the time of shah jahan contain proofs that the tomb was a temple of Shiva. Time will tell if there will be an answer to all unknown things about the Taj Mahal.

These are just a few of the unknown secrets in the world. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and don't forget to follow us for more discoveries.

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