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See pictures of the most dangerous roads in the world you wont like to travel on

Embarking on a journey through land has always been considered as the safest means of transportation. There are different discoveries of roads that are very dangerous which u don't have any clue about and you won't like to journey through those routes. The most dangerous roads in the world, here is the proof;

Carretera a los Yungas (Bolivia)

This route is locally known as 'death route' this is located in Bolivia which is 80km long and it is considered by many as the world's most dangerous road.

Guoliang Tunnel (China)

The tunnel is situated in Taihang mountains in the Chinese province of Henan and is one of the most famous in the world. This road was built by local people in the early 70s, but it only provided access to this small town 7 years later.

It replaced the narrow steps up the side of the mountain with 1.2 km of road and a tunnel which passes through the mountain.

Karakorum Highway (Pakistan)

4693 metres road above sea level and is known as the highest asphalt road. It forms part of the Silk Road and is known for its long route through the range, between mountains and glaciers. It has become an important tourist attraction thanks to the impressive landscape along the route, connecting the capital of Pakistan with China.

James W. Dalton Highway (Alaska, USA)

A driver’s worst nightmare in this part of the world are the extreme polar weather conditions. Ice, fog and blizzards are common here, making this one of the world’s most dangerous roads. There are only three towns along this route and, as the conditions are so difficult, you should always take provisions and warm clothes, as you’re likely to become trapped in the middle of nowhere.

It is commonly known as the James W. Dalton Highway, but its official name is Alaska Route 11. Coincidently, it stretches 666 km, from the interior of Alaska State almost to the Arctic Ocean.

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