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Why Some Believe Ogun State To Be The Spiritual Headquarters and Gateway to Heaven in Nigeria

Ogun State beyond its known qualities as I am sure many Nigerians know, is the hub of so many things, from the concentration of industries, such as cement production plants, Sugar factories, to even lighter centers of production of various kinds. However, asides from the industries, and charms of the greatly elevated rocks and beautiful sight from the top of these rocks, there is something about Ogun State, which seems to be the title which it bears called "The Gateway state." while they call the state the Gateway state, this title seems incomplete to recent dwellers of the state, who believe that the state should be called "the Spiritual Headquarters and Gateway to paradise or Heaven for all Nigerian."

This statement or title is a bold one, as it seems to suggest that Ogun State, beyond its charms and liveliness, isn't just a state that has produced so many great characters in the Nigerian political sphere, but is also a place where some kind of spiritual acceptance and paradise is given to all those who seek it. Bold of whoever came up with this title to think that the state is of such significance but perhaps these fellows who came up with these titles had seen something interesting about the state and then concluded that perhaps these titles are fitting. One then wonders, what they must have seen as well as the qualities of the state that made them conclude that perhaps, Ogun State, is indeed the spiritual headquarters of the county.

The title, Spiritual Headquarters is an interesting one, as it suggests a spiritual concentration in an area, a place where supernatural existence and activities seem to go on abundantly. For this, the truth isn't far-fetched as Ogun State can be seen to embody this title quite easily. If you look at the number of Churches in Nigeria, from the old ones to the more recent ones, one would find that they have one thing in common, and that is their shared location for their "Spiritual Headquarters." The famous Redeemed Christian Church of God, the church with the highest number of branches in Nigeria, and perhaps one of the largest religious organizations in the world has its spiritual headquarters, the size of a town, in Ogun State.

Similarly, the famous Church of the Lord Aladura, perhaps the first white garment church in West Africa, founded by a man called Josiah Olunowo Ositelu, in the early 1900s can trace both its origin and headquarters to a small town called Ogere in Ogun State. Others, from the Celestial Church of God, and a host of other churches, at this point, are uncountable. Have their spiritual headquarters in Ogun State. This among other reasons have created the impression in the hearts of many who reside within Lagos, Ibadan, and Ogun State that perhaps the fact that this state seemed to have always accommodated these churches, and have been chosen for these great missions, means that it was supernaturally handpicked by God.

Perhaps this is a reasonable conclusion, since every year, the state enjoys tourism like no other part of the country, as millions flock to these "spiritual headquarters" to seek the face of God. Perhaps the number of churches that call the state their spiritual headquarters, has influenced the idea that it is a gateway to Heaven.

However, on the other hand, the simple title, "Gateway state" seemed to have been gotten from the idea that the state remains an access point to Nigeria. Geographically, through the state, a whole lot of points in Nigeria can be accessed, from Benin to other areas. 


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